In this modern society, vampires are on the verge of extinction. Clandestine government agencies have decimated them and kept their existence to the common public a myth. Through the technological advances of mankind, those who were once the hunters have become the hunted. Sean, a 200 year old vampire with a conscience, lurks in the shadows of the underworld. He targets the most repugnant of criminals in order to satiate his need for human blood.

Even though Sean contemplates his existence, his resolve to continue on never falters. He seeks a way to reunite with his wife and child in the afterlife. As he walks the earth a cursed soul, he believes his untimely death will bring about an eternity in hell, never to see them again. 

After an error in judgement puts him on the run from Miami P.D. and a sadistic FBI agent with a penchant for exterminating vampires, Sean finds himself dangerously close to death's door and in search for fresh blood... 

The comic book, which is near completion, is drawn by artist Daniel Govar who's previous work can often be seen in Marvel comics.

Issue #1 is NOW AVAILABLE!  

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