A desperate hunt for a Vampire who justifies his victims by killing only those that have escaped justice.

10 thrilling episodes totaling almost 200 minutes of screen time. Each episode shot with the passion of a million dollar TV show but made by indie filmmakers for a fraction of the cost.

Season #1 Plot Summary

Sean (Jeremy Palko, The Walking Dead) has escaped Miami PD and now he's thirsty for blood. Having run out of fresh victims and running out of time, he turns to his only remaining hope, an old Priest who had previously helped Sean by "feeding" him information and leads from his confessionals. The Priest must now decide whether to help Sean or break the seal of confession and his vows one last time.

Meanwhile, Miami PD (Todd Bruno of Film Riot fame) is hot on the heels of Sean but he's not the only one hunting him down. The recently deceased (and reborn) (Keri Maletto, Devious Maids) has now become like Sean. With her new found powers, she will stop at nothing to capture Sean and turn the tide of war between humans and vampires once and for all.

In this new and exciting original series we will be creating a world that combines the gritty dark aesthetic of "Seven" with the back-to-roots Vampire lore of the pre-Twilight era.

I read the script for season one and let me tell you, I want this thing made.
— chud.com

The beauty of a mini series is that we get to leverage the power of the internet to provide much more content than just 10 episodes. Every 1-2 weeks we will release new content such as behind the scenes clips, interviews and teasers. Every 2-3 weeks we'll release a brand new episode.

In fact, So Dark will combine various supernatural elements not just Vampires. Our goal is to build a new world and new characters that everyone will love.

Do yourself a favor and get an early peek into what is sure to be a much talked about film by watching So Pretty and So Dark tonight!
— iratefilms.com


So Dark the pilot episode "So Pretty" and episode #2 "So Dark" are now available to watch on Amazon.com.