Sean's mugshot from 1948 

Sean's mugshot from 1948 


So Dark was originally conceived as a short story called "So Pretty" written by James Williams. In an attempt to mock the current state of Vampire films (like Twilight cough cough), So Pretty went back to the roots of Vampires in pre-2000 pop culture. Rather than pretty sparkling Vampires, James wrote a very cool and unique script and story that demonstrates what vampires would be like in the real world. They "ain't so pretty now" as Sean says, after mauling a victim on a late night train. Nothing pretty about that, huh?

Incredibly well directed, well acted, and well shot, this film is a solid entry into any vampire film discussion.
— The Saquarry Analyses


After the success of our short film, we decided how cool would it be to follow it up with a sequel. Given the fact we had a character that was termed by many as the "Dexter" of vampires , we felt there was an interesting story to be told. Six months later we shot "So Dark", our team came back together bigger and better ready to up the qualiy and the time, taking it from 8 min to just over 20 min.  It was bigger than anything else we had made yet.  Our cast and crew became like family and the passion of everyone involved really shows in the final product.

When Director, Al Lougher and Producer/Actor Keri Maletto decided in late 2015 to use the short films as the beginning episodes of a new Original Series, they got together with Creator James Williams to begin developing the future for Sean. 


A nice little horror that is the anti Twilight vampire film and sets the record straight about this BS Twilight vampire lore. No glittering in the sun here!
— Ain't It Cool News